Self-taught Developer — whats helped me so far!

Nurudin Mudhir
7 min readDec 29, 2020

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So to give you some insight, I work in corporate sales and coding is something that I have always dabbled in. It’s not something I decided to just pick up because of the COVID-19 situation, but it is also something I have begun to take more serious due to COVID-19.

It started a couple of years ago for me I have always wanted to build an App, I had so many ideas and I was convinced that one of them would change the world aha (still do!). So I decided that I would take a Udemy course on how to develop applications — the full works. I developed a few practise apps but then stopped as I started a new job in Central London which took up most of my time. I still went back in a few times because it something I love doing. However, the majority of my time was spent on my job and personal time.

So when Covid-19 hit as most of the economy I lost a few jobs here and there which meant I had a lot more time on my hands. I did what most people did and tried to make the most f my free time by trying to take up as many courses as I can. But what you realise after a few weeks is that you're not really interested and just done it to feel productive.

The Research

It took me down a path, where I wanted to explore and spend my time on something I am passionate about. It led me back to coding — the fire was still lit. Then I started looking into how to take it seriously and get myself in an industry which I had no experience working in before.

So I went down a rabbit hole, started watching more youtube videos on how to become a full-time developer, which languages to learn, best practices, how other people have done it, what I should not do, what I should do, what I should eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner — Nah I’m joking about that last bit but you get my drift.

Then I just stopped, I go tired of trying to theorise everything and wanted to take action, I had no choice. So I started to look for specific information that will help me map out my learning journey, instead of focus on the result which is a paying job I started to focus on what the journey should look like for it to be enjoyable and educational.



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