The Difference between a hard worker & working hard

Nurudin Mudhir
3 min readJan 2, 2020

Inspired by Inky Johnson!

We all love the idea of working hard, the daily grind, the hustle, getting stuff done. Its a satisfying feeling you know, knowing that your putting all your effort in to get what you want in life.

There’s no better satisfaction than knowing your working hard… but should we feel satisfied with just working hard?

So I was in the gym early mornings as I normally do before work, and I was listening to a motivation talk to get myself pumped before hitting the weights. I was listening to a talk by Inky johnson called commit to the process.

There is a part of the talk that really struck a cord in my heart and brain, it totally shifted my mind state that morning and its safe to say I probably had the best session I’ve had a while.

It’s what inspired this piece!

Inky explains the difference between a hard worker and working hard. He says that the majority of people work hard and if the situation and circumstances are what they want it to be they will act accordingly, show up and give everything that they’ve got.

However a hard worker regardless of situation, regardless of circumstances, regardless of what happened they're going to show up and give everything they’ve got to it because they’re working for something that is totally different.

Let that sink in!

At this moment when I was on the treadmill I stopped, all that was flowing through my mind was why I even started working out in the first place, what got me to start my fitness journey? I think at this moment I got into touch with my “something that is totally different”. I realised that when we are on our daily grinds we forgot how to be hard workers, we just focus on working hard.

We are all victims of this, we have that burning fire that gets us to start something that we want so bad. Then after time, along with the daily grinds and all the other shit life throws at us on…



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